My latest drawing/painting started from an image i saw of a Poppy in a field 

and i was thinking of incorporating that into a drawing – that led me to a statue called , locally,  Tommy  in Seaham Harbour , County Durham UK 

The statue was created by a local artist Ray Lonsdale (you can view his website here ……
The imposing metal sculpture entitled 1101 – owing to the fact the armistice went into effect at 11am on November 11, 1918 – stands 9ft 5ins tall and is a life sculpture of a WW1 soldier caught in the first minute of peace in 1918. 
Trying to combine both I started with my pencil drawing of the statue – without the rifle –

and then scanned that in to my iPad into the software ProCreate 
From there i then did an ink drawing based on my pencil drawing, added shading and colouring and then added the Poppy where the rifle had been . 
last stage was to add a background,

and merge  the two – end result —

time lapse video on youtube here ……